What is the Pro Urbe Civil European Forum?

It is crucially important – and far more than some ‘cultural interest’ –
that we rectify our disengagement from our own environment, and through the understanding of this
is born the modern demand that we preserve the built landscape that has developed over the long years.
Leonardo Benevolo, Architecture Historian, Urbanist

People have a need to see that Europe represents something extra,
and that they have an opportunity to influence the method of decision making.
Margot Wallström, former Vice-President of the European Commission

This is an invitation to a private European forum of European architectural heritage that encompasses the regions like a carousel, as well as to the forum of this web portal.

ProUrbe is a pan-European civil network for heritage with the goal of reinforcing society through built heritage, making it evident that heritage is a social priority. It wants to develop the everyday culture of heritage and assert a common European cultural identity through the untapped socio-cultural potential of heritage. It wants to make the thousand and one varieties of the European urban heritage kaleidoscope a joint experience, providing an opportunity to renewal and broaden the connections between European citizens from the ground up, bridging Europe’s divides between east and west, north and south and urban and rural regions. It speaks in the 26 languages of Europe’s 28 EU and 4 EFTA countries, and its events take place on the internet as well.

The Forum is a process, a social, professional, cultural and heritage movement that will develop itself jointly and that will be created TOGETHER WITH YOU. After numerous preliminaries, it is now being launched in the European Year of Cultural Heritage with our private European partners and friends, with the support of the responsible persons for the Year in the EU, and it will be coordinated this year from Budapest.

Come to the forums, view the heritage, show your heritage, spread the news and follow the events!

We wait for You!